The Key is "Sustainable" Livelihoods

Reforms and economic freedom for the people of Goa.

A White Paper on Livelihoods - Goa

GLF aims to bring about in Goa, a data-based revolution that encourages people to look beyond the obvious, think beyond good intentions and act beyond activism. Seeking to promote choice, competition and community-based policy reforms in Livelihoods. The Forum will focus on gathering information on livelihood barriers in Goa and document challenges facing the poor in pursuing a livelihood of choice. Goa Livelihoods is an innovative program with a key focus on policy reform, with reachable impact to bring economic freedom to the working-class people of Goa. Through research, advocacy and innovative outreach programs on the ground, the Forum is looking at reinvigorating the civil society.

Mrs Asha Vernerkar Trustee of GLF and a Member of FIDR, in an interview with Doordarshan Goa speaking on 'AIDS Awareness'

In this video, she is telling about AIDS that, how people were scared of this disease as earlier there was no treatment but now with our country’s development, the treatment to this disease has also been invented. There’s nothing to be scared of.
Just having a HIV Positive report does not mean that you are having aids, this is a myth!

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